Ashton's pretty cool hair

Yes, this is a rat tail.
Ashton listening to some tunes.

Yes I'm pregnant!

Ashton and his basket ball

Ashton loves his hoop, and we're training him to love his daddy's favorite team: Go Lakers!

She loves me .....

Just thought I'd show you the greatest picture ever.

Soccer Season

Fall soccer is over. And it's a dang good thing cause my big ears were starting to freeze. Anyway, it was great to watch the kids play and see them improve each week. I look forward to those games all week long. And although no one really keeps score (yeah, right), Jacob's team was 6-0, Curtis' team was 4-1-2, and Leighton's team was 4-2. Not too bad for 3 kids who have trouble keeping their shoes tied for more than 2 minutes.


Ashton's Halloween Costume

he's growling like a dragon here
mean dragon face

more growling and clawing at the air...isn't he cute

The great pumpkin search continues...

The Wilsons looking for a good one.
Dallin got a big one

Haley found a good one too.

Lauren found one just her size.